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Chill Out / Relaxing Music – “Give me my Toy”

Hi friends, this is one more music creation. I made this song at home with my keyboard (Roland / edirol PCR-M80 and my pc ) so maybe the sound is not so fine, sorry 🙂 this is the result that i got.

I don’t know if is a nice really relax song chill out but i hope yes. I would like to share it with you and get your suggest to the next music composition…


Above clouds lounge bar Music – chill Out

This is my first music creation. In the beginning i registered only the pianoforte track (my instrument) after coming out 4 piano tracks in total and then i registered a battery and the bass, in the end i just added some little sound by keyboard (Roland / edirol PCR-M80) and this is the result that i got.


♫ ♫ ♫ House Music – Sexy XRay ♫ ♫ ♫

Hi friends, because yours kindness to me, I’m back here to share a second my song with you. I tried to apply, your suggestions, but of course I’m still an amateur musician 🙂 Anyway like always I would like get your comment and opinion or suggestion to grow up in the music world (home made). Also this time the video is made fast just to put the music on.

Note: I did’t found no a singer avaiable and so i put a sax like a melody. Try if you like to sing on the melody sax this words that i wrote and maybe you can sent me the voice track to a fanny progect together
ok this is the words but do not laugh
I come from the southern light
up the clauds i jump out
i land on a shooting star right now
everything you want I can give you
jump-on and catch me
Every night I’m in your sky
just remember this sunrise
Now you know all you need
to swim in the Blair.

\:: chernobyl

Composizione musicale inedita
Questa è una delle mie composizioni musicali che vuole essere un tributo a chernobyl per non dimenticare a cosa ci esponiamo se rincorriamo questi killer silenziosi e non pensiamo ad energie alternative.
This is my Original music composition that would be a tribute to Don’t forget never Chernobyl disaster and all Nuclear disasters! silent killer do it around the world
Это моя Оригинальные музыкальные композиции, которые были бы данью Не забывайте никогда Чернобыльской катастрофы и всех ядерных катастроф! тихий убийца делать это по всему миру


\:: ♫ Monaco therapy ♫ Techno Minimal house madness

Hello friends!!! this is my other my new song home made!!! (it is a loop) not professional for sure but amatorial music made with a pc + pn80 yamaha keyword i think is a Techno Minimal or some house madness, what do you think? if you like it rate, comment and vote please 😀 thank youuuu to lissen it


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